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We use GeoJS to set the Currency based on the users location. Please refer to GeoJS's Website for more information.

Your IP Address will only be provided to GeoJS If you calculate your wishlist whilst using the Currency Auto Detect Feature on this website.

If you would prefer not to provide your IP Address to GeoJS to set the currency based on your location whilst using the Currency Auto Detect Feature then please choose one of the preset Currencies from the Currency Dropdown instead.

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We take precautions to protect your information. When you submit sensitive information on our contact form in which you must provide information such as Full Name and Email via the website, your information is protected both online and offline.

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- Updated: 19/05/2024


Question: Does this calculate discount prices?

Answer: If a product is on sale, it will calculate the sale price instead of its normal price.

Question: Does this calculate dlc?

Answer: Any wishlisted DLC are included in the calculation.

Question: What is Steam Wishlist Calculator and what does it do?

Answer: Steam Wishlist Calculator is a website devoted to calculating the total value of a Steam users wishlist.

Question: Can this website compromise my account?

Answer: This website will not compromise your account in any way shape or form. We do not collect or store user data.

Question: Is this website safe?

Answer: This website does not store user data and it does not have any login forms, meaning there is no risk of your credentials being phished. This website uses your Steam ID which is publicly available and used to get your wishlist data (Assuming your wishlist is public in the first place) to calculate the total cost and provide additional information.

Question: My Steam ID goes into the URL. Can that compromise my account?

Answer: The URL parameters are generated from your steam ID or Custom Steam ID if your wishlist succesfully calculates. It uses the parameters for form submission for the purpose of allowing the user to share their wishlist calculation result.

Question: My currency is not in the currency dropdown. What can i do?

Answer: If steam supports the currency, you can contact us and request your currency to be added via the Contact Page .

Question: The website is not working. What can i do?

Answer: Contact the developer by using the Contact Form .

Question: What is the maximum wishlist Size that this website will calculate and why?

Answer: The maximum wishlist this website will calculate is 10000 games. Calculating bigger wishlists could result in Steam Rate Limiting the website.

Question: Why did i make this website?

Answer: I decided to use this as a project for learning javascript and getting better at over all web development. I have been looking for years to find a website like this and never found one.
Because i was learning web development, i thought this would be a good project to work on.

Question: What was the goal of this website?

Answer: The goal was that this website had to be user friendly, clean, easy to use and overly simplistic. So far i think i have achieved that pretty well.

Question: Does this website use the Steam API?

Answer: As of writing this FAQ, the Steam API does not support getting wishlists.

Question: Does this website have a database?

Answer: This website does not currently have a database. Maybe one day it will but for the time being it does not.

Got any more questions? Please contact us via our Contact Page .

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